Leather Wallet MontMat WEENY (22 barev) - Your colour: 9-light green


• WEENY leather wallet • genuine leather • hand-sewn • hand-dyed • 3 pockets • 22 colors More

Manufacturer: MontMat Product code: MontMat-WE-01-09

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*) Wallets ordered with embossing must be paid in advance.

Dispatched within 14 days

Quality hand-sewn leather wallet, which is one of the smaller in size. However, the overall solution will satisfy anyone who needs to save somewhere:

More information

  • The location of the monogram embossing can be placed in one of the 14 places in the menu. The monogram is always placed approximately 1 cm from the edge of the skin.
  • Attention! The color tone may actually differ slightly from the photo. The difference is due to the display of a photo of your monitor's swatches, as well as hand coloring and a specific piece of leather.
  • The wallet is made of tanned leather and small scars and abrasions are part of the leather. This is characteristic of natural material. By repainting, the scars are even more pronounced, this is most evident in natural uncolored skin.
  • coins
  • banknotes
  • payment cards or business cards (these can hold about 10 pieces in the wallet)

The WEENY wallet boasts the following parameters:

  • made of 1 mm thick cowhide (genuine leather)
  • 22 color variants of leather
  • hand dyed
  • 3 compartments
  • the dimensions of the closed wallet are approx. 7.5 cm x 11.5 cm; the thickness of the filled wallet is about 2 cm
  • fastening is for high-quality German metal prints (nickel, antique brass, black nickel - the color is always chosen so that it fits as well as possible to the chosen skin shade)
  • the wallet is sewn with quality waxed thread (white, yellow, pink, brown, blue, green, beige, black, ...) - the thread is always chosen as a shade as close as possible to the chosen skin color

The wallet is ideal for pockets of trousers, jackets, small handbags, an envelope ... just about everywhere where larger wallets won't fit. It is also the right choice for travel or vacation.

Individual adjustments

If you want a specific color of metal prints, write it to us in a note in the order. If your preferred variant is not in stock, we will contact you.

Do you want contrast stitching? Or simply a different stitching color than the color of the leather? Write it to us in a note. We will be happy to fulfill your wishes. However, when changing the color of the stitching, it is necessary to pay for the wallet in advance and it is an individual adjustment of the standard product. Therefore, as in the case of embossing the monogram, the wallet cannot be returned within the 14-day statutory period.


Colour BlackBlueVioletGreenPinkWine redRedOrangeBrownBeige, naturalYellow
Material Leather


MontMat - the leather story

MontMat - the leather story

There are different trends in the world, but there are things that are timeless, such as leather and handcraft. There have been times when hand-made work was sidelined, but today it has not only a firm place on the market, but it is an article in demand.

The brand of MontMat was created by Dana Crlíková and she is its visionary, creator and face. The history of the brand goes back to 2015, but its early beginnings are much older.

Local manufacturers

Here you will find a variety of local manufacturers who produce everything by hand. We enjoy the quality, originality and its author. And when it is eco, we are even more happy :-)

Handmade and design

Handmade products have one thing in common - they are always unique. And this is doubly true for leather products. But originality can mean imaginative design or unexpectedly sophisticated functionality. And you will find exactly such products with us.

Individual solutions

Do you need embossing on your chosen leather notebook? Do you want a different filling? Do you want your name or logo on a business card holder? We know a lot and we will be happy to fulfill your wishes.