Leather notebook INDIANA A5 (choose from 22 colours) - Your colour: 9-light green


• beef leather (genuine leather) • closing by saddle knob • manually coloured • ring tie • comfortably holds 100/200 sheets • A5 • 22 colours of the notebook cover • 100 sheets inside optionally More

Manufacturer: MontMat Product code: MontMat-IN-A5-01.09

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*) Notebooks ordered with embossing must be paid in advance.

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For those who like high-quality materials, simplicity, practicality and quality of handmade work - handmade leather notebooks made of high-quality beef leather (genuine leather) with ring tie with 100 lined sheets of A5 size. The ring tie has four rings and the diameter of each ring is approximately 3 cm.

Notebook INDIANA is the new edition of the popular notebooks INDIANA. And what's the difference? Leather is just leather, no heading, no mark. Maximalized minimalism.


  • you can coose colour of 22 options
  • dimensions approx. 18 cm x 23 cm (A5)
  • material thickness 2 mm
  • the rings have diameter approximately 3 cm
  • the notebook can hold even 200 sheets
  • closing is done with a practical saddle knob
  • notebook can (but doesn't have to) include metal penloop - it's up to you

Attention! The chosen colour on the picture can be slightly different on your notebook. The diferrence can be caused by your display and also by handmade colouring and properties of specific piece of leather.

If there is a metal penloop, visually the cover differs by metal popper of the penloop, which is placed on the back side (more in photo gallery). 

Note: On the pictures is the notebook in dark brown colour. 

Other variants (INDIANA/MARCO) - A6, A5, A4 format

  • closing on a saddle knob or rubber band
    Do you want to leaf through the INDIANA notebook? You can do it on INDIANA Classic A6 version right here:


    Colour BlackBlueVioletGreenPinkWine redRedOrangeBrownBeige, naturalYellow
    Format A5
    Paper style LinedSquaredBlankNo paper
    Binding Ring
    Material Leather
    Height 23 cm
    Width 18 cm
    Closing Saddle knob


    MontMat - the leather story

    MontMat - the leather story

    There are different trends in the world, but there are things that are timeless, such as leather and handcraft. There have been times when hand-made work was sidelined, but today it has not only a firm place on the market, but it is an article in demand.

    The brand of MontMat was created by Dana Crlíková and she is its visionary, creator and face. The history of the brand goes back to 2015, but its early beginnings are much older.

    Local manufacturers

    Here you will find a variety of local manufacturers who produce everything by hand. We enjoy the quality, originality and its author. And when it is eco, we are even more happy :-)

    Handmade and design

    Handmade products have one thing in common - they are always unique. And this is doubly true for leather products. But originality can mean imaginative design or unexpectedly sophisticated functionality. And you will find exactly such products with us.

    Individual solutions

    Do you need embossing on your chosen leather notebook? Do you want a different filling? Do you want your name or logo on a business card holder? We know a lot and we will be happy to fulfill your wishes.