Because you like MontMat notebooks and thanks to the end of the year the diaries as well, we have decided to join these things together. Now there is also MontMat diary available.

The best things are usually the most simple. And that was our approach as well - no curles and goal-directed.This weekly diary is undated, so you can choose any moment in the year to start.There is space for marking the week in the heading.

Whole diary is in two languages - Czech and English. Except the first page, where you can write down your name for example, the diary contents overview of two years and space for notes at the end. The pages for notes include the quotes in Czech with English translation.

In conclustion, the diary contents:

  • front page
  • two double pages with overview for years 2019 and 2020
  • 54 double pages for each week
  • five double pages for notes with quotes
  • last page