VenaValnoha alias Vendula Valnohová represents timeless handmade design by using traditional genuine leather. Leather never starts bore due to its quality, look and also thanks to lifetime period.

The brand "handwriting" are simplicity and minimalism, which is visible in design and in solution of every piece. Each item is manually sewn and the manufacturing is done by traditional procedures. The honest work is visible on the first sight, so we have decided to include into our products' range also wallets and bags of this brand. And not only this. All actual product by VenaValnoha you can check here

Local manufacturers

Here you will find a variety of local manufacturers who produce everything by hand. We enjoy the quality, originality and its author. And when it is eco, we are even more happy :-)

Handmade and design

Handmade products have one thing in common - they are always unique. And this is doubly true for leather products. But originality can mean imaginative design or unexpectedly sophisticated functionality. And you will find exactly such products with us.

Individual solutions

Do you need embossing on your chosen leather notebook? Do you want a different filling? Do you want your name or logo on a business card holder? We know a lot and we will be happy to fulfill your wishes.