We have extended the possible ways of shipping to PPL as well. Now you can choose to receive a courier service to you or pick PPL ParcelShop dispensing point for pickup.

As part of the PPL delivery, you will be automatically informed by email and via SMS before delivery with a two-hour delivery time window and a telephone number to the driver. If the driver does not reach you, the second delivery attempt will take place on the next working day. During the second delivery attempt, you will receive informative SMS and email.

If the PPL courier does not get in touch with you also the second time, you will receive an informative email and the shipment will be stored at the depot (up to 7 days). Another delivery attempt will be done based on your request.

PPL allows you to change your delivery parameters (delivery address, delivery date) on site www.pplbalik.cz.

 Other PPL features include:

  • loyalty program iBod.cz for the recipient (collecting points for the delivered package)
  • Saturday delivery
  • PPL ParcelShoppossibility of delivery to PPL ParcelShop - PPL dispensing points for receipt and dispatch of shipments - 1,350 dispensing points in the Czech Republic. At the moment of delivery to ParcelShop, to the recipient is sent an SMS with information about storage (maximum storage time is 7 days). The consignment can be re-routed to ParcelShop additionally (by web, phone or email) or chosen directly simply by picking up PPL ParcelShop when ordering goods.

Where do you find the ParcelShop dispensing points? Take a look on the map here.

The current price list of shipping by PPL and to PPL ParcelShop is available on the Shipping and payment site.