What services Geis offers? Logo Geis
  • The consignment will be shipped on given address.
  • You will receive a notification on provided e-mail address with information about delivery.
  • You will also receive SMS notice with information that your consignment was took over for delivery. The message contains the basic information about the consignor, shipment number, price to be paid as cash on delivery (in case of payment by cash on delivery) and information about possibility to redirect the package to the Geis Point.
  • Geis will send you also SMS message and e-mail notification at the day of delivery with information about the delivery time.
  • If happens, that you will not be reached on your address, the consignment will be delivered the next working day again.
  • The consignment is delivered behind the first lockable door.
  • The route of your consignment you can watch in real time (Track & Trace) or on special website.
  • Actual price list of shipping is available on site Shipping and payment.
Where are the dispensing points of Geis Point? The map you can find here.