O Martezi

My name is Martina Ježova and together with a few enthusiasts I have decided to open my own online shop. Why? Because... Let’s start from the beginning.

I have studied economics and after graduation I have become a part of working process, which was comprised of stays in offices, attending meetings, preparation of needed documents and endless work on a computer. And I have enjoyed this work very much. And when you like something, you tend to invest more money into proper equipment to use not only functional and practical side of it, but to have them nice too.

Once it has happened to me the turning point. After one of those “let me introduce myself” meetings (you know – showing to the customer, what a company is capable of, what projects have been done), a card case was given to me by customer. I was enraptured. It was beautifully colourful with unusual ornament on the top. It was deflecting the light in different angles. It was feast for the eye. And so different than all other card cases.   

From time to time I was trying to catch interesting things for work in shops, but also to buy practical ones. I could still see that card case in front of my eyes. But I could find anything to give me the same impression. As time ran, in my mind appeared step by step a thought. The thought, that when it is hard to find anything above the typical design, it is time for change.

So here we are. In this online shop, where plans meet reality, where greyness of office life is mixed with colours. Welcome   Smiley