The Black Brick makes diaries and notebooks. Their production is neither serial nor Asian, but honest, manual ad placed in the Czech Republic. Let’s take a look on all the steps the authors of fine helpers have to do to bring to the life their products.

Black Brick - covers

There was a thought at the beginning. Then this initial thought is followed by thinking how the result should look like, and what steps need to be done to reach it. Then the work itself comes. Here's how people in Black Brick work:

  1. Graphic design
  2. Graphic preparation
  3. Suggestions for overall design and features
  4. Sampling, sampling, sampling ...
  5. Print preparation, printing, print control
  6. Selection and control of materials
  7. Preparation of blocks, stitching of blocks
  8. Covers and punch making
  9. Die-stamping of covers
  10. Assemble all components
  11. Drying
  12. Checking, checking, checking ... 
Source: Black Brick